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A lot goes on at school and particularly in the schoolyard. One thing that is certainly a concern for everyone is bullying. Below you’ll see some information that will help you deal with not only bullying, but other related things that affect everything you do.


Bullying is one of the most common problems happening in the schoolyard today. Not too many kids grow up having never been bullied. It happens to all of us at least once in our lives. Below are a few helpful tips on bullying:

 You need to know that bullies pick on people because it is their way of dealing with problems and issues of their own. It could be because they are not happy with themselves or they may be having some personal problems, possibly at home. Bullies require great understanding so if someone picks on you or someone you know, it is important to tell an adult. Your teacher for instance, will know how to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. If someone is bullying you, try to keep your distance from that person. Ignoring a bully will most likely prevent him/her from continuing to bug you.


Self-Esteem is very important! Everyone has self-esteem but sometimes it can get very low and this is when it can pose problems - it is called low self-esteem. A high self-esteem is very good to have. You must always work on building your self-esteem, when you are young and even when you grow up. Sometimes people can say things to you without thinking and it can have a bad affect on the recipient of the remarks. If negative comments are directed at you, it is sometimes because the person making the remark might not realize how negatively their comments can affect others. High self-esteem can be achieved by building your confidence, learning is a great way to do this. You can help people build their self-esteem with positive comments. If what you say is not positive, be sure to word it in a way that is not disrespectful. It takes a very big person to think before they speak. Remember we are all sensitive people, some more than others. As a kid, self-esteem is a hard thing to gain because as you grow everything seems to change. Whether it be your physical features, your personality or the clothes you wear, it is good to keep the following in mind…

Be happy with who you are and how you look no matter what anyone says. Everyone has certain features about themselves they wish they could change. The important thing is to accept and become familiar with the way you look. Remember, you are the only person in the world who looks exactly like you do…you are one of a kind!

Don’t let things get you down. It is more important to be a good, genuine and caring person than wear the latest fashions. No matter what you wear, if you keep a neat appearance you will always look appealing.  Remember that people make clothes, clothes don’t make the people. It’s what’s in them that counts!  If you feel down or sad, talk to your parents and let them know what’s bothering you. They can always pick you up! It’s important not to hold things in. Deal with problems and face them head on with the help of an adult…ideally your mom or dad.

Not everyone can do everything but you have to try. Put a 100% effort into everything you do even if it is something new. Remember practice makes perfect and competition is a good thing. Always remember that people have feelings though. If you are considerate, others will respect you and this will have a positive affect on the developing of your self-esteem.

Extra Help

Whether it be in Math, English or Science, your school work assignments can sometimes be difficult. Here are a few tips when struggling with schoolwork.

Go over your work and become familiar with the problems you are having in a subject. Practice some questions to understand where and why these difficulties are occurring.

Never be afraid to ask your teacher. Your teacher is the best person to ask about anything because your teacher is there to teach and as a student you are there to learn. Remember the teacher has heard it all before and will likely have a quick solution to getting you on track regardless of the topic.

Join an after school program. There is nothing to be ashamed of when needing extra help after school. It takes a smart person to ask for help. If your school doesn’t offer programs after school ask a friend or classmate who seems to know the material. It’s a win-win situation … you become a smarter person and get better marks and the person helping you feels good about themselves as they have done something nice and have been able to share their knowledge. Sometimes a tutor is a good idea.  Don’t be afraid to ask your parents. Who knows, they may be just the person who can help. If they can’t and they see that you are working hard, they’ll be able to help you find a good tutor.