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The Story of Lydia was inspired by a true story that took place beginning in the nineteen twenties in Denmark. It is about a young Danish women who gave up all her worldly possessions and went on an amazing journey, ending up in the city of Jerusalem. In Jerusalem she started the first orphanage for Jewish and Arabic children and during her years in Jerusalem she adopted 8 children as her very own. The Story of Lydia did not begin here, it started when Lydia made the commitment to fight for her religious right - ultimately salvaging her illustrious career as a school teacher and paving the way for religious freedom in Denmark. The story tells of Lydia’s struggle and coming to grips with leaving her widowed mother and family to make a new life. In the process she gives away her inheritance to those in need and set out on a very colorful adventure.

Lydia arrived in Jerusalem in December, 1927 and no sooner than getting settled, was she charged with the responsibility of caring for an infant child. This child was on her death bed and Lydia nurtured her back to health. During this time, Lydia became a mother figure to the child, but within a year, the father returns to claim his daughter, leading to a disastrous set back for the little girl. However, within months, the child finds her way back to Lydia and eventually becomes the first of her many adopted children.

The film has been produced in High Definition using basic animation that is designed to hold the attention of children, leading them to ponder the story, and gain the most from watching it. The tutorial which is available online is an excellent tool for educators and parents alike, who want to enjoy the film with their children and be able to respond to their questions, maximizing the viewing experience. The soundtrack, which is a mix of popular songs and classical arrangements, exposes the viewer to a deeper appreciation of music. This musical fairy tale is set to delight both the young and the young at heart. A film to be enjoyed by the whole family.