The Story of Lydia

The Office of Catholic Youth Presents “The Story of Lydia”

at World Youth Day’s Ontario Regional Celebration

The Office of Catholic Youth (OCY) will present a wonderful short film entitled “The Story of Lydia” to the pilgrims who will be participating at the 2008 Ontario Regional Celebration July 17th to 20th, hosted by the Archdiocese of Toronto's OCY at Martyr’s Shrine in Midland. The special presentations are designed to show youth group members and youth ministers how the “The Story of Lydia” can serve as a wonderful catechetical and fundraising resource while providing the opportunity for outreach to the younger members of their Parishes.

We believe that when young people get involved in active ministry to other members in their parish families, they help strengthen the very foundation of the Church. We are proud to be able to contribute to this through "The Story of Lydia" states John Dawson, Youth Program Coordinator OCY, The Archdiocese of Toronto,

In addition to the wonderful educational attributes that are apparent throughout The Story of Lydia, the story is intended to help children develop stronger values at an early age and help others rediscover what is truly important in life. We encourage you to log on to the website at and take a glimpse at what we are trying to accomplish – to restore the hope and faith in the most important demographic on the planet – the children

In today’s world it seems that many people have lost hope in mankind. What once seemed to be an opinion shared by adults has now filtered down to our youth, and even more unsettling, to our children and at an alarming pace. The world has echoed its cry for help, yet very few have listened. The environment, the economy, wars, poverty, etc., are all major concerns that could quite possibly be impacted if people had better values and faith.

We are certain that you will be inspired by Lydia’s message of hope. The Story of Lydia is available in English, French, Hebrew, and will soon be in Arabic as well as other languages. The trailers will give you a glimpse of what The Story of Lydia is about, Click link or go directly to to watch trailers. The actual short film was produced in High Definition and is packaged on DVD, which boasts many features together with a read-along CD and a beautifully illustrated storybook with 52 pages in full color. There is also a beautiful companion songbook available and produced by

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